AR# 50494


RXAUI v2.3, Vivado - Potential Naming Conflict for Verilog Modules


When the RXAUI core is generated, its encrypted HDL is delivered into the Vivado tool project; this includes a number of Verilog HDL modules.

If other HDL in the project happens to be using the same module names as those of the RXAUI core, then when the project is synthesised, only the last module of the same name that is compiled will persist and this results in broken projects.


If using the RXAUI core, please avoid the following module names in your Vivado tool project:
  • rxaui_utils
  • rxaui_deskew
  • marvell_align
  • dune_align
  • dune_tx_k_substitute
AR# 50494
Date 11/28/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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