AR# 5054


NGDBuild - "ERROR:bascp:94 - Invalid UCF/NCF file entry value "" detected on line 4, offset 64..."


When Constraints Editor writes out a UCF file based on the EDIF file with parenthesis as bus notation, the following error might show up in NGDBuild: 


bascp:94 - Invalid UCF/NCF file entry value "" detected on line 4 

(which is the line that this TIMEGRP appears). 


The following is an example of the constraint from the Constraints Editor: 


TIMEGRP "test" = FFS( "rac_num(0)" "rac_num(1)" "rac_num(2)" );


This is an issue with NGDBuild.  


There are two work-arounds: 


- Use wildcard character (*): 

TIMEGRP "test" = FFS( "rac_num*" ); 


- Use the following syntax, replacing the close parenthesis with ?: 


TIMEGRP "test" = FFS("rac_num(0?" "rac_num(1?" "rac_num(2?" ); 


This problem will be fixed in a future release.  



If the bus notation is an angle bracket (<>), there is no problem in NGDBuild with or without the double quotes. The contraint from the Constraints Editor will work fine.

AR# 5054
Date 05/14/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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