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MIG 7 Series DDR3L - Can a DDR3L part operate with 1.5V VDD and achieve the maximum rated 7 series performance for DDR3 as specified in the data sheet?


The 7 Series DC and Switching Characteristics Data Sheets specifies different "Maximum Physical Interface (PHY) Rates" for DDR3 and DDR3L.

Is it possible to achieve the higher rates specified for DDR3 using VDD=1.5V with a DDR3L part?

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In order to achieve the maximum DDR3 ratings, you must work with the memory vendor to ensure that the part is not just tolerable at 1.5V but fully compliant to the 1.5V parts. If it is fully compliant, the DDR3 rates are possible.

Once full compliance is verified, generate the MIG design for the desired 1.35V part. Then, change the I/O Standard settings in the UCF for SSTL_15 instead of 1.35, and change the appropriate parameters for the frequency change (such as tCK,CL,CWL,PLL input frequency, M and D values, etc.). It is possible to generate a separate sample DDR3 design that runs at the desired frequency for a 1.5V part and copy over the appropiate frequency parameters to the 1.35V MIG design.

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