AR# 50595


Kintex-7 FPGA KC705 Evaluation Kit - No output on terminal program when running the Built-In Self Test


When I follow XTP102 to run the KC705 Built-In Self Test (BIST), I do not see the expected output on the terminal program I am using. What could be the issue here?


The Kintex-7 FPGA KC705 Evaluation Kit is shipped with some designs pre-programmed into the on-board BPI flash, including the KC705 BIST design.

If you are following XTP102, KC705 BIST PDF, and do not see the expectedoutputin your terminal window, then the following steps should be checked:

1. Ensure that you have correctly installed the CP210x drivers from Silicon Labs (
2. Check that the USB-UART device is detected in the Device Manager
3. Ensure that the COM port selected for the USB-UART device is also the COM port selected in the terminal program you are using
4. If you are using TeraTerm, then make sure you use a COM port in the region COM 1-4, and not beyond this range
5. If you suspect that the BPI Flash has been erased, or the contents have become corrupted, then restore the flash contents using RDF145,KC705 Restoring Flash Contents Design Files, following the steps in XTP131, KC705 Restoring Flash Contents PDF.

AR# 50595
Date 02/18/2013
Status Active
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