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AR# 506

XACT 5 workstation installation: Does not work on SunOS 5.x


ERROR MESSAGE: Tape device is defined to be '/dev/rmt/n0' ( Does NOT exist ! )

When an install is attempted, the script will be seemingly unable to

confirm the existence of the tape device, giving the error shown above

when the user attempts to define the device. For example:

> Is the tape drive local (default) or on a remote machine ?

> (If remote, you must be able to /usr/ucb/rsh to it.) (L/R/Q/?) [L] :


> Tape device is defined to be '-not_found-' ( Does NOT exist ! )


> Press return to continue,

> enter Q to quit, or enter a new tape device :/dev/rmt/0

> ( The 'n' is used to prevent rewinding between tape components: )


> Tape device is defined to be '/dev/rmt/n0' ( Does NOT exist ! )

CAUSE: The install program is not compatible with SunOS 5 or higher.


A work-around * SHOULD BE * to create in /dev two links:

/dev/rst0 -> /dev/rmt/<whatever is the "rewind" tape device

/dev/nrst0 -> /dev/rmt/<whatever is the "NO-rewind" tape device

This has not been tested.

AR# 506
Date 04/12/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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