AR# 50736


MIG 7 Series RLDRAM II - Data mismatch errors can occur with traffic generator when set to Burst Length 8 (BL=8)


Version Found: v1.5
Version Resolved and other Known Issues: See(Xilinx Answer 45195).

Data mismatch errors can occur when simulating the MIG 7 Series RLDRAM II design when set to BL=8. A case can occur where the User Interface (UI) FIFO goes full before a command is written but the Traffic Generator (TG) continues on and sends the next command. Since the previous command is not written properly the compare logic detects a read data mismatch error later on.


This only affects the MIG traffic generator and not other user designs. All impacted users are required to upgrade to the latest version of MIG as there is no workaround available.

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07/25/2012 - Initial release of AR
AR# 50736
Date 10/16/2012
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