AR# 50782


14.1 - Graphical Design View GUI Shows Incorrect Clock Value


When using XPS 14.1, the clock values in the Graphical Design View are incorrect. 

For a SP605, the AXI_ACLK signal should be 62.5MHz for the PCIe IP core but the Design View shows a value of 125MHz.


This issue only occurs when using the MMCM instance within the PCIe core as the system clock.  

When a separate Clock Generator core is included in the design this error does not occur.

The AXI_ACLK does have a value of 62.5MHz.  

The GUI displays it as 125MHz as this is what all devices other than the Spartan-6 would be (Per DS820).

AR# 50782
Date 09/15/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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