AR# 50809


LogiCORE IP Ten Gigabit Ethernet PCS/PMA (10GBASE-R/10GBASE-KR) v2.4, Vivado - Updated XDC constraints might be needed


Timing failures might occur in certain cases when using the Ten Gigabit Ethernet PCS/PMA v2.4 in Vivado 2012.2 for 7 series FPGAs.


To resolve potential failures and to improve timing and synthesis results (even if you are not experiencing failures), the following updates should be made to the XDC files:

change the following

create_clock -name RXOUTCLK_OUT -period 3.103 [get_pins * -hierarchical -filter {NAME =~ *RXOUTCLK_OUT}]
create_clock -name TXOUTCLK_OUT -period 3.103 [get_pins * -hierarchical -filter {NAME =~ *TXOUTCLK_OUT}]

to the following (if you are using GTX transceivers)

create_clock -name TXOUTCLK_OUT -period 3.103 [get_pins -of_objects [get_cells * -hierarchical -filter {REF_NAME=~ GTXE2_CHANNEL}] -filter {NAME =~ *TXOUTCLK}]
create_clock -name RXOUTCLK_OUT -period 3.103 [get_pins -of_objects [get_cells * -hierarchical -filter {REF_NAME=~ GTXE2_CHANNEL}] -filter {NAME =~ *RXOUTCLK}]

OR, to the following (if you are using GTH transceivers)

create_clock -name TXOUTCLK_OUT -period 3.103 [get_pins -of_objects [get_cells * -hierarchical -filter {REF_NAME=~ GTHE2_CHANNEL}] -filter {NAME =~ *TXOUTCLK}]
create_clock -name RXOUTCLK_OUT -period 3.103 [get_pins -of_objects [get_cells * -hierarchical -filter {REF_NAME=~ GTHE2_CHANNEL}] -filter {NAME =~ *RXOUTCLK}]

AR# 50809
Date 09/15/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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