AR# 50990


2012.2 Vivado IP Flows - The IP upgrade flow is not available for an older IP core


For an older IP core where the IP version is not in the IP catalog:

  • The Generate option should be grayed out.
  • The Upgrade should be active.

For the IP in my project, The opposite is occurring. 

For IP cores where the IP versions are not in the IP catalog, the Generate command is active but the Upgrade command is not.

The same IP does have an Upgrade option in Project Navigator or CORE Generator 14.2.


The situation outlined above will occur if the IP in question is a legacy IP that has been completely removed from the Vivado install. 

There are other IP that may not appear in the IP Catalog that do support the Upgrade option. 

This will happen if the IP is installed but hidden (The 2012.2 Vivado IP catalog requires new IP cores to be generated with the latest IP version).
If a customer has continually upgraded their IP cores to the latest version with each release (or upgraded all of their IP cores in ISE 14.1), this issue will not affect them. 
If IP cores were created or upgraded in 13.x and the projects are now migrating to 2012.2/14.2 the following IP cores versions will show this issue:
13.2 Users with:
  • axi_interconnect 1.03a

13.3 Users with:
  • gig_eth_pcs_pma            11.1
  • tri_mode_eth_mac           5.1
  • Xaui                                     10.1

13.4 Users with:

tri_mode_eth_mac        5.2
Xaui                                  10.2

IP cores created in 12.x and earlier that have not been upgraded prior to PlanAhead version 14.2 or Vivado Design Suite 2012.2 will be more likely to exhibit this behavior.
To work around the issue, open the IP core in CORE Generator 14.2 and upgrade it before importing into a PlanAhead or Vivado project.
In Vivado 2012.3, the Upgrade command is available for all IP versions that support the Upgrade flow in CORE Generator.
AR# 50990
Date 06/24/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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