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AR# 510

SYNPLIFY: "tristate driver NoName on net NoName has its enable tied to GND"


Keywords: Synplify, Verilog

Urgency: Standard

General Description: For an output signal listed in the port list that is
not being driven, Synplify will issue this warning:

@W: *Output test has undriven bits

But also, Syplify will issue this set of obscure warnings:

@W: tristate driver NoName.3 on net
NoName.3 has its enable tied to GND
@W: tristate driver NoName.2 on net
NoName.2 has its enable tied to GND
@W: tristate driver NoName.1 on net
NoName.1 has its enable tied to GND
@W: tristate driver NoName on net No
Name has its enable tied to GND


Synplify will synthesize an OBUFT with its input driven
by GND and the T pin driven by VCC for a driverless output
signal that is listed as a port in the top level module.
AR# 510
Date 08/30/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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