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Licensing - How do in-warranty customers obtain a Vivado license?


How do in-warranty customers obtain a Vivado license?

Does the existing Vivado Early Access license work for 2012.2?


For customers who generated an ISE Design Suite license for versions 13 or 14 after February 2, 2012, your current license will also work for the Vivado Design Suite. Customers who are still in warranty but who have generated licenses prior to February 2, 2012, will need to regenerate their licenses in order to use Vivado Design Suite. For license generation, go to:

A Vivado license will contain the following package components: Simulation, Implementation, Analyzer, HLS, Synthesis.

Vivado 2012.1 is an Early Access (EA) tool release. It looks for the old Rodin beta license feature names (rodin_synthesis, and rodin_implementation).

Vivado 2012.2 is the first Public Access tool release of Vivado. This version will look for new Vivado-specific license features (Synthesis, Implementation, Simulation, etc.). If the customer has these features in their license file (look in the PACKAGE statement for a given Edition license), and their license "version limit" is 2012.07 or beyond, they will not need to regenerate to use the Vivado 2012.2 tool.

An existing Vivado EA license will work for the Vivado 2012.2 tool if the license file does not have either a version limit earlier than 2012.07 or a passed expiration. Vivado 2012.2 will do a fall-back check for rodin_synthesis and rodin_implementation features (for synthesis and implementation processes only), if it cannot find the needed Vivado 2012.2 features.

However, a valid license for Vivado 2012.2 will not work for Vivado 2012.1 (Early Access).

AR# 51053
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