AR# 51074


14.2 EDK, Zynq-7000 - PS DDRC with ECC does not function


When enabling ECC on the PS DDR controller, the following XMD error occurs on the first read via XMD:

ERROR: Cannot Read from target

How do I resolve this issue?


The following register value changes must be made in the ps7_init.tcl and/or the ps7_init.c relative to the output of XPS:

0XF80060F4 to a value of 0x00000004
0XF8000B4C to the same value as 0XF8000B48
0XF8000B54 to the same value as 0XF8000B50

This issue is currently planned to be fixed starting with EDK 14.3.

Note that ECC always requires the memory to be initialized before using it (including before loading ELF applications). EDK 14.3 will add an initialization routine in the Xilinx FSBL, but XMD/SDK users will need to run either the FSBL or their own OCM-based application before downloading to or using the PS DDR with ECC.

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AR# 51074
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