AR# 51127


14.4 EDK Libgen does not support external interrupt vector connected to axi_intc


I tried to connect a vector of three elements to axi_intc. After exporting to SDK and running libgen, I got the following error:

ERROR:EDK - intc () - Internal error: Num intr inputs 3 not the same as length of xget_interrupt_sources 1
ERROR:EDK:3416 - Error(s) while running TCL procedure generate().


The workaround is to separate the vector into individual signals and then connect them individually to axi_intc.

Example for external interrupts:

Change from an external interrupt vector:
PORT axi_intc_Intr_pin = axi_intc_Intr, DIR = I, VEC = [2:0], SIGIS = INTERRUPT, SENSITIVITY = EDGE_RISING
To 3 individual ports:
PORT axi_intc_0_Intr_pin = axi_intc_0_Intr, DIR = I, SIGIS = INTERRUPT, SENSITIVITY = EDGE_RISING
PORT axi_intc_1_Intr_pin = axi_intc_1_Intr, DIR = I, SIGIS = INTERRUPT, SENSITIVITY = EDGE_RISING
PORT axi_intc_2_Intr_pin = axi_intc_2_Intr, DIR = I, SIGIS = INTERRUPT, SENSITIVITY = EDGE_RISING
And connect them to axi_intc in this way:
PORT Intr = axi_intc_2_Intr & axi_intc_1_Intr & axi_intc_0_Intr
AR# 51127
Date 01/07/2013
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