AR# 51134


14.2 CORE Generator - "ERROR:sim - Failed to generate 'icon_pro'. XST failed for icon_pro"


In the ChipScope Core Inserter flow, the CORE Generator tool fails to generate the ICON core during Translate process. The following error messages appear in the console:

<CoreGen>:WARNING:sim:882 - The working directory path for this project is very long (>160
<CoreGen>:WARNING:coreutil - XST failed for icon_pro.
<CoreGen>:ERROR:sim - Error found during generation.
<CoreGen>:ERROR:sim - Failed to generate 'icon_pro'. XST failed for icon_pro.
<CoreGen>:ERROR:sim:877 - Error found during execution of IP 'ICON (ChipScope Pro -
See CoreGen Log C:\Example_path_with_very_long\path_to\the_location_of_my_FPGA_designs\current_design_being_worked_on\
ERROR:ChipScope: Unable to generate icon_pro.ngc
ERROR:ChipScope: Double-click the test.cdc icon in the sources window to edit and fix the CDC project.


According to the error messages above, the failure occurred during Synthesis process (XST).

There is an xst log file located in folder:

The following error messages are seen at the end of the log file.

WARNING:Portability - The file path length of C:/Example_path_with_very_long/path_to/the_location_of_my_FPGA_designs/current_design_being_worked_on/
xhdp.ini> exceeds the allowed maximum file path length [260]
FATAL_ERROR:HDLParsers:hdplibmap.c:780:$Id: hdplibmap.c,v 1.5 2007/11/10 18:37:47 sandeepd Exp $ - Absolute path C:/Example_path_with_very_long/path_to/
actual_project_directory/_ngo/cs_icon_pro/tmp/_cg/_bbx/icon_pro_chipscope_icon_v1_06_a_xst/work of logical library work is longer than max allowed 260 characters. Process will terminate. For technical support on this issue, please open a WebCase with this project attached at

Windows has a 260-character limit on path lengths. When the Debug Core is inserted in a project path greater that 160 characters, the extra hierarchy required for the generation ccauses the complete path to exceed 260 characters.

Some ways to work around this issue:

  • Take advantage of drive mapping to shorten the path name (e.g., map "P" drive to C:/<MyLongDesignLocation>).
  • Move the project to the top level of the directory structure.
  • Use a Linux system to add the Debug core and implement the design (if a Linux system is available).

In the ISE14.3 design tools, the internal path of the Debug cores have been decreased to allow a longer path for the project directory.

AR# 51134
Date 12/07/2012
Status Active
Type Known Issues
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