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MIG 7 Series DDR2/DDR3 - PHY Only Design Guide


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Please download the MIG 7 Series DDR2/DDR3 PHY Only Design Guide (PDF) attached to the end of this solution.

The MIG 7 Series DDR3/DDR2 LogiCORE IP is provided as a full memory interface design with physical layer (PHY), highly efficient memory controller, and user interface blocks. All blocks are provided as HDL source code. Generally, the full 7 Series MIG DDR3/DDR3 design meets or exceeds customer memory design requirements. However, some applications may benefit from a custom controller that is designed specifically for the target access pattern. In these cases, Xilinx supports using the PHY only portion of the MIG 7 Series IP to interface to the custom controller. This answer record provides the necessary information to interface a custom controller to the MIG 7 Series PHY design.

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