AR# 51209


14.1 - U-Boot Does not Properly Identify the QSPI N25Q128(3V)


When trying to program Micron QSPI device N25Q128A13 (3.3V) , it is noted that the ID Codes are slightly off and the flash devices is not properly programmed.


This issue occurs because  N25Q128A13(3.3V) has a different ID Code than  N25Q128A11(1.8V) ( the one used on the ZC702 ).

N25Q128A13 -> 0x20BA1810
N25Q128A11 -> 0x20BB1810

In order to use N25Q128A13 in a design, the U-Boot code must be modified to consider the different ID Codes.


Modify u-boot-xarm.git/drivers/mtd/spi/stmicro.c to:

1. Include the define for the 3V3 model

#define STM_ID_N25Q128        0x20BB1810
#define STM_ID_N25Q128_3V    0x20BA1810

2. Add the entry for the 3V3 model

* This entry detects N25Q128 at 3V
    .idcode1 = STM_ID_M25P128,
    .idcode = STM_ID_N25Q128_3V,
    .page_size = 256,
    .pages_per_sector = 256,
    .nr_sectors = 512,
    .name = "N25Q128x2",
    .nr_sectors = 256,
    .name = "N25Q128",
AR# 51209
Date 09/16/2013
Status Active
Type Known Issues
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