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MIG v3.61 fails to open in the CORE Generator tool because of a missing mig.exe file in ISE Design Suite 14.2


MIG 3.61 fails in ISE Design Suite 14.2 with the following error message:

"ERROR:sim:207 - Could not find executable: com\xilinx\ip\mig_v3_61\bin\nt64\mig.exe. Finished Customizing."


This is a known issue with MIG v3.61 in the ISE Design Suite 14.2 release as a result of the "mig.exe" file missing from the Xilinx install area.

To work around the problem, the missing files can be downloaded (and extracted into the 14.2 install area) from the "" file attached at the end of this answer record.


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AR# 51293
Date 03/02/2013
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