AR# 5133


Virtex - Do any power sequencing issues exist for VCCINT, VCCO, and VREF?


For Virtex, do any issues exist regarding the order in which you power up the different voltage supplies?

NOTE: For information on Virtex-E power sequencing, please see (Xilinx Answer 10129).


There are no restrictions on the order of VCCO, VCCINT, and VIN power applications. For more information, please see the Virtex Data Sheet -> Module 3 Electrical Characteristics -> DC Characteristics:

Device lifetime information is provided in the Quality and Reliability report:
(Check the Quarterly report for Device Hour.)

If, after power-up, the VCCINT is lost, the I/Os will go into a 3-state condition and return to their pre-configuration state. If VCCO is lost to Banks 2 and 3, the device will also lose its configuration.

AR# 5133
Date 02/26/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
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