AR# 51365


MIG v3.61 - Failed to generate MIG_V3_61 core


In ISE Design Suite 14.2, when trying to generate the MIG v3.61 core in CORE Generator, the following error occurs:

ERROR:sim:207 - Could not find executable: com\xilinx\ip\mig_v3_61\bin\nt\mig.exe

What is causing this error?


This error occurs because of the missing "mig.exe" file in the folder "%XILINX%\coregen\ip\xilinx\other\com\xilinx\ip\mig_v3_61\bin\nt(64)". 

This issue only occurs on a Windows OS.

To resolve this issue, copy the "mig.exe" file from the same location in ISE Design Suite 14.1 folder to 14.2, or use 14.1 to generate the MIG v3.61 core.

This issue is resolved in ISE Design Suite 14.3.

AR# 51365
Date 08/20/2014
Status Active
Type Known Issues
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