AR# 51458


ModelSim, MIG - ModelSim 10.1b makes Compile Errors for MIG DDR2 ** Error: (vlog-2902) ddr2_​model_​parameters_​c3.vh(214):


The following error is given by ModelSim 10.1b  when compiling MIG DDR2:

** Error: (vlog-2902) ddr2_model_parameters_c3.vh(214): A `define was found on the same line as a SystemVerilog `ifdef, `ifndef, `elsif, or `else.



The ModelSim 10.1c release notes state:

Product Changes in 10.1c:

Release 10.1b introduced a new error, number 2902. 

By default in the 10.1x series of releases this should have been a warning. 

In future releases this will become a suppressible error.

If you are using ModelSim 10.1c, you can ignore this error and complete compilation.



AR# 51458
Date 01/20/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
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