AR# 51491


2012.2 Vivado - Specifying nets as "Data Only" in the Debug window causes Abnormal program termination; "An unexpected error has occurred"


When trying to specify nets to debug in the Debug window I do the following:

  1. Open Synthesized Design.
  2. Select nets of interest in Netlist view and Mark Debug.
  3. In the Debug view, create a debug core.
  4. Set Up Debug.
  5. Set some signals as Data Port Only.

Vivado then fails with the following:

Abnormal program termination (11)
Please check '/*/src/hs_err_pid25414.log' for details
[9]    Exit 139                      vivado

Following is what in hs_err_pid25414.log:

# An unexpected error has occurred (11)
/proj/gsd/ids/14.2/ISE_DS/PlanAhead/tps/lnx64/jre/lib/amd64/server/ [0x2aaac4c0ea89]
/proj/gsd/ids/14.2/ISE_DS/PlanAhead/tps/lnx64/jre/lib/amd64/server/ [0x2aaac4c135e7]
/lib64/ [0x3179a0ebe0]
/proj/gsd/ids/14.2/ISE_DS/PlanAhead/lib/lnx64.o/ [0x2aaaaca038f0]
/proj/gsd/ids/14.2/ISE_DS/PlanAhead/lib/lnx64.o/, HSTVector<HSTString, stlp_std::allocator<HSTString> >&)+0xe8) [0x2aaaaca03e88]
/proj/gsd/ids/14.2/ISE_DS/PlanAhead/lib/lnx64.o/, HSTVector<HSTString, stlp_std::allocator<HSTString> >&)+0xe) [0x2aaaac9e9bbe]
/proj/gsd/ids/14.2/ISE_DS/PlanAhead/lib/lnx64.o/ [0x2aaaaca1112f]


This issue occurs when some nets are set to "DATA only" by selecting "Set DATA only" and by right-clicking the nets in the Debug window. 

To avoid the issue, use the default settings (i.e., do not set nets to DATA only).

This issue is resolved in the 2012.3 release.

AR# 51491
Date 06/09/2014
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
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