AR# 51647


Vivado - Where does a process initialization page go when the Background button is selected?


Several processes (e.g. launching Synthesis and Implementation runs or opening an IP customization GUI) have an initialization stage in which a status window comes to the foreground. This window shows a the status of the initialization and has two buttons, Cancel and Background. What happens when the Background button is selected? Am I still able to cancel the process if I want to?


Backgrounding a process initialization page andallows a user to continue with other non-related GUI operations such as checking reports andproperties, or viewing hierarchy.
A backgrounded process is shown in the bottom right corner with a cancel button for stopping the process. Typically, the backgrounded process is only for the initialization of the actual process that a user is running and will only be viewable for a short period. Once a flow process like Synthesis or implementation is running, the active process is shown in the top right corner of the Vivado GUI
AR# 51647
Date 11/12/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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