AR# 51689


Vivado / PlanAhead - Starting Vivado fails with line 95: 3012 Illegal instruction "$RDI_PROG" "$@"


When I attempt to open the PlanlAhead or Vivado tools on a particular machine, I get the following error:

/edatools/Vivado/bin/ line 95: 2920 Illegal instruction "$RDI_PROG" "$@"
/edatools/Vivado/2012.1/bin/vivado -mode tcl

The PlanAhead and Vivado tools work fine on other machines with the same OS.

Is this a problem with the install or the operating system (OS)?


This issue is not caused in the bootloader or the OS, but is an issue related to the architecture age of the processor and how PlanAhead/ Vivado code is compiled.  PlanAhead/ Vivado  is compiled with sse2 enabled.  This error occurs on machines where the processor does not support sse2.

Intel first shipped SSE2 in 2001.
AMD first supported SSE2 in 2003.
AR# 51689
Date 06/17/2013
Status Archive
Type General Article
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