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Vivado - Can I test the connection to remote hosts before launching runs and smartly distributing the jobs


In the Vivado Design Suite 2012.x Remote Hosts window, I can click "Test" to verify the availability of selected remote hosts in the "config remote hosts" dialog box.

From here I can manually delete the hosts that fail testing for any reason before launching runs (see figure at bottom of page).

Is there a way to check and remove unavailable servers when running in batch or script mode?

If my script uses a server that is not available, it will cause the script to fail. 

For example, with the following Tcl script:

launch_runs impl_1 impl_2 impl_3 impl_4 impl_5 -host {host001 1} -host {host002 -2}
-host {host003 -1} ... -host {host100 -1} -remote_cmd {ssh -q -o BatchMode=yes}

If host003 is down, the Vivado tool stops at the very beginning showing host003 not found.

I have to watch out for this condition and modify the command to proceed.

I would like a command that can test the connection of all the specified hosts before launching runs, and continue to submit jobs to only the valid hosts.


There is no Vivado specific Tcl command available to implement this functionality.

Vivado Design Suite 2012 uses the "gethostbyname" method (man page reference here) to implement the Test within the GUI.

The "ping" command could also be used to implement the test in a script.

AR# 51798
Date 05/12/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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