AR# 51868


Vivado HLS - Where can I find the standalone librairies to code HLS for Visual Studio?


It is possible to start writing Vivado HLS code without having Vivado Design Suite installed, using Visual Studio. 

It also allows for easy debugging.

Where can I find the standalone library package?


Starting with release 2012.3, all of the include files required to compile HLS code are available for use in Visual Studio.

The package xilinx_hls_lib_<release_number>.tgz is shipped in the include directory of the tool.

However, from release 2013.3 onward the package file xilinx_hls_lib_<release_number>.tgz  is not included in the Vivado HLS installation.

Instead, you can include the directories "Vivado_HLS\<release_number>\include" and "Vivado_HLS\<release_number>\include\etc".
AR# 51868
Date 04/24/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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