AR# 51910


14.x iMPACT - PROM File Formatter - Cannot create .mcs file for the XC3S50AN in PROM File Formatter


When attempting to create a .mcs file for XC3S50AN in PROM File Formatter from iMPACT 14.2, I see the following error:

ERROR:Bitstream:25 - 0xd5ae bytes loaded up from 0x0 would exceed promsize 0x8000.

This is an issue in iMPACT from version 14.2. It will be resolved in a future release.


To work around this issue, there are two options:

1. Roll back to a previous version of the software.

2. Use PROMgen to create the .mcs file, for instance: 

       promgen -p mcs -c FF -o SP3AN -spi -u 0 top.bit

This issue will be resolved in a future release of software.

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AR# 51910
Date 03/18/2013
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