AR# 52062


2013.4 Licensing - An IP core floating license is not found if the license is served on a different server than the Vivado or PlanAhead floating license


I have a floating license for my LogiCORE IP (or third party IP) running on one server and the Vivado Synthesis/Implementation floating license on a different server.

Xilinx Licensing Configuration Manager (XLCM) shows all of the licenses are valid and available. However, IP license checks during synthesis or implementation fail.


The Vivado and PlanAhead tools licensing scheme does not look for an IP core license feature on another server during Synthesis relative to where the Synthesis feature is found.

Until this issue is fixed, you can work around this issue by doing one of the following:

  • Make either the Vivado/PlanAhead tool license or the IP core license a node-locked license.
  • Rehost either the Vivado/PlanAhead tool license or the IP core license so that both licenses are served from the same server using the same lmgrd process.

A fix for this issue was implemented in the 2014.1 release.

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AR# 52062
Date 04/29/2014
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
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