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XAPP555 - Can the reference design in this application note be used with the VC707?


XAPP555, Lowering Power using the VoltageIdentification Bit, is an application notedescribing a voltage-identification techniqueenablingcertain devices in theVirtex-7family to be operated at a lower voltage of 0.9V, while delivering the same specified performance as that of a device operating at the nominal supply voltage of 1.0V.

All -1 devices called out in XAPP555, Table 1, come with the VID bit feature built into the device; however, the VC707 is provided with -2 speed grade silicon the board.

Can XAPP555 be used with the Virtex-7 FPGA VC707 Evaluation Kit?


The reference design provided with XAPP555 includes a VID emulation feature, allowing you tomodify some DIP switches to emulate a VID bit value of 0 or 1.

Customerscan evaluate the impact of operating at 0.9V rather than 1.0V (relative effects), as well as see the automatic control of the TI Power supplies depending on the VID bit value.The design allowscustomersto observe the effect on both static and dynamic power and allowsoneto see the relative change in performance when operating at lower or higher voltage.

The VID feature only applies to -1C devices. The VC707 has -2 silicon on board, so this VID feature cannot be applied in hardware.The emulation feature remains to facilitate experiments.

AR# 52161
Date 10/05/2012
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