AR# 52183


ISE / 7 Series - ODELAY component functional delay modeling


In ISE simulation for 7 series ODELAY component, tap delay in FIXED mode is not correctly shown.


In 7 series Devices, the ODELAY component has a number of parts to the delay that are modeled in functional simulation.
The first part of the delay is the insertion delay which is a fixed delay of the ODELAY component.

This delay is fixed regardless of the tap setting. The delay of this portion is 600ps in the 7 series devices.
The second part of the delay is a per-tap delay which models the total delay through the component in FIXED mode.

This delay is a linear  function of the TAP setting multiplied by the per-tap-delay.
Note: In the ISE software up to and including 14.3 the ODELAY per-tap delay component is not modeled correctly, and only the insertion delay is seen.

This issue is fixed in the 14.4 release.
AR# 52183
Date 07/29/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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