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Vivado - How can I identify what version of Vivado I am using?


I would like to identify what version of Vivado is running.Can this be done in the Vivado GUI, by Tcl command and/or by looking at a specific report?


  • The Vivado version information can be found in the Vivado IDE GUI by selecting the Help -> About menu command
  • The version can be found in the Tcl shell or console by using the version command.
Vivado v2012.3
Build 204529 by xbuild on Wed Sep 19 17:31:42 MDT 2012
Copyright 1986-1999, 2001-2012 Xilinx, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

  • The version information is listed at the beginning of each Vivado.log and Vivado.jou file.
# Vivado v2012.2
# Build 194362 by xbuild on Fri Jul 20 18:52:36 MDT 2012
# Start of session at: Mon Oct 01 08:40:07 2012
# Process ID: 4648
AR# 52216
Date 02/12/2013
Status Active
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