AR# 52365


2012.3 - Vivado - Make Diff Pair option grayed out in Vivado RTL Project


When opening my elaborated design and attempting to set the pin-out for my device, the "Make Diff Pair" option is grayed out.

How do I create a differential pair in my design?


It is considered bad design practice to set your pin-out in an RTL project. 

Ports should be defined as differential in HDL or within a Vivado Pin Planning project. 

As a result, the "Make Diff Pair" option has been hidden in RTL projects for Vivado 2012.4 and later versions.

If the design needs to be modified outside of the HDL/Pin Planning project, the following TCL command can be used to create the differential port:

make_diff_pair_ports port_p port_n
AR# 52365
Date 09/29/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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