AR# 52366


14.x EDK, XPS LL TEMAC v2.03.a displays a license lock mark for Hard Ethernet IP


After adding xps_ll_temac 2.03 to a project, the production "star" mark becomes a license (eval) "locked" mark even when the Hard Ethernet option is selected.

Does the XPS LL TEMAC IP require a license to implement hard Ethernet?


The XPS LL TEMAC does not require a license to implement hard Ethernet MAC (available in select devices). 

This is a bug in the display of the IP in the system assembly view.

To work around this display bug, make the following change in the MPD file found in the $XILINX_EDK\hw\XilinxProcessoriPLib\pcores\xps_ll_temac_v2_03_a\data\ folder:

Change Line 61 


OPTION PAY_CORE = soft_temac_wrap_v2, ISVALID = (C_TEMAC_TYPE==2), LIBNAME = soft_temac_wrap_v2_03_a


OPTION PAY_CORE_MAP = (soft_temac_wrap_v2_03_a:soft_temac_wrap_v2 = (ISVALID C_TEMAC_TYPE==2) )

The same change must be made in the  $XILINX_EDK\hw\XilinxProcessoriPLib\pcores\__MpdDataBase.txt file as well.

AR# 52366
Date 12/18/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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