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AR# 52525

When running SmartXplorer on my design, I received the error: FATAL_ERROR: Internal Error 101. Please contact Xilinx Support.


I am running the following command line: 

smartxplorer lara_top.ngd -p xc5vlx155t-1ff1136 -sf MySmartxplorerStrategies.txt -l machines.txt -wd smartxplorer_results -m 100 -best_n_runs 3 -trce_options "-e 50 -l 20"

I receive the following error after some time during the runs:

FATAL_ERROR: Internal Error 101. Please contact Xilinx Support.

What is causing this error?


This can occur if your strategies have a naming structure similar to the following in the strategies file:

"name": "My_MapRunTimeCT7",
"map": " -ol high -t 7 -mt on -detail -w",
"par": " -ol high "},
{"name": "My_MapRunTimeCT8",
"map": " -ol high -t 8 -mt on -detail -w",
"par": " -ol high "},
{"name": "My_MapExtraEffortCT3",
"map": " -ol high -xe n -t 3 -mt on -detail -w",
"par": " -ol high "},
. . .


These names are colliding with some of the SmartXplorer strategy names being created for cost table passes.  

The work-around here is to change the strategy names in the strategy file so that strategy names do not use the CT# suffix.

SmartXplorer uses the CT# suffix for internal strategies.


AR# 52525
Date 03/26/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • FPGA Device Families
  • ISE Design Suite
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