AR# 52542


14.1 Licensing - "ERROR:Security:14 - No feature was available for 'ChipScopePro'" when using ZedBoard design


If I attempt to generate a bitstream using ISE Design Suite 14.1 and the Avnet Zynq-7000 ZedBoard, the following licensing error occurs:

[NgdBuild 1317] Using core chipscope_ila_v1 requires a ChipScopePro license. The following blocks are instances of core chipscope_ila_v1:

[NgdBuild 1316] A problem was encountered attempting to get the ChipScopePro license.
ERROR:Security:14 - No feature was available for 'ChipScopePro'

A purchased ZedBoard from Avnet came with Xilinx ISE WebPACK software with a device locked ChipScope license.

Why am I getting these errors?


In ISE Design Suite 14.1, the ChipScopePro_TDP license that came with the ZED board was not being recognized correctly which is why the error occurred. However, this issue was fixed in ISE Design Suite 14.2.

Also, make sure you are targeting the correct Zynq device (i.e., Zynq 7020).

AR# 52542
Date 05/17/2018
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