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4.2 Foundation Express - Synopsys Internal error - "Abort at 1548 : Server threw an exception (1546, 124)"


Keywords: Foundation, Express, 1546, 1548, 124, synth, macro, VHDL, Verilog, abort

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General Description:
When I synthesize or update a VHDL macro, the following error appears:

"Synopsys Internal error
Abort at 1548"

The console reads: "Server threw an exception."

(A similar error may be reported when HDL projects are synthesized, although the error is typically "Abort at 1546" instead of "Abort at 1548". "Abort at 124" has also been reported.)



These errors are typically results of a Foundation Project that has become corrupt. The simplest (but most drastic) work-around is to abandon the project and create a new one. Create a new project directory and copy all source files (.sch, .vhd, .v, .ucf, .mod, etc.) to it. You will need to re-synthesize and re-implement the design.


A less drastic solution would be to close Foundation Project Manager and delete the "dmpcomp.tmp" directory from within the project directory. (This is the temporary FPGA Express project that Foundation creates when it synthesizes an HDL macro in a schematic flow project.)

If the project is an HDL project, the FPGA Express project directory that must be deleted will have the same name as the project name. (Look for <projectname>.exp, and move up one level).

This deleted directory will be re-created by Foundation when the HDL code is re-synthesized. This solution may not work for every "Abort at ####" issue, but is a simpler option you may wish to try before creating a new project as described in Resolution 1.


In some cases, copying the file by selecting File -> Copy Project and giving the project a new name has proven successful.
AR# 5257
Date 08/12/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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