AR# 52601


14.7 - Pack - FATAL_ERROR:Pack:pkimblogicmend.c:2695:1.14


During MAP on my design, I receive the following fatal error:

FATAL_ERROR:Pack:pkimblogicmend.c:2695:1.14 - Could not locate a frag in comp
   data_fifo_ctrl/din0[30] at usage site 25.   Process will terminate. For
   technical support on this issue, please open a WebCase with this project
   attached at


One solution can be to place XBLKNM constraints on the error(s) in question:

INST "u_net_core/u_network_ss/eth_pktbuff_i/eth_cntrl_tx_pkts/eth_cntrl_tx_pkts_dp/data_fifo_ctrl/din0[30]" XBLKNM = TEST1;

However, if doing this still does not resolve the error, it might be an issue with MapLib inserting the phase calibration circuit for the MMCM in V6 devices.

There is an environment variable that disables this insertion, which would prevent this optimization from taking place.


You will need to re-validate the design to ensure that it works as expected.

AR# 52601
Date 02/19/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
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