AR# 52729


2013.2 Vivado IP Flows - Attempting to cancel an update of the IP catalog is unsuccessful


In Vivado 2012.2, the Vivado IDE or PlanAhead Project Manager will terminate unexpectedly if a user starts to update the IP catalog (right-click in the Vivado IP catalog and select Update IP catalog ...) with a large IP repository and then cancels the operation before the update completes.

In Vivado 2012.3, attempting to cancel an update of the IP catalog has no effect (the Update IP Catalog operation continues).


As seen in the behavior of Vivado 2012.2, cancelling the load of an IP repository in the middle of the operation causes the IP catalog to be in an unstable state.

In Vivado 2012.3, the cancel operation has been coded to have no effect on the repository loading. The cancel button was left in the Update IP Catalog dialog box as the cancel function was intended to be implemented in a later tool version.

In Vivado 2013.3, the cancel functionality has been fixed. The cancel function will restore the IP Catalog to the state it had before the Update operation began loading the new repository information.

AR# 52729
Date 10/23/2013
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
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