AR# 52757


2012.2 Vivado IP Flows - Vivado issues CRITICAL WARNING: [IP_Flow 19-141] Could not resolve XCO parameter for all 14.2 planAhead projects that instantiate old versions of MVI Video cores


When I migrate a PlanAhead 14.2 project that instantiates old versions of MVI Video cores (e.g. ccm, cfa, scaler, enhance, timebase, ic, stats, ... ), Vivado displays the following message right as the migration (to Vivado) finishes.

CRITICAL WARNING: [IP_Flow 19-141] Could not resolve XCO parameter <parameter name>

The cores are shown highlighted in red and do not appear to be usable.


This happens if the IP core version is no longer supported and the IP does not support the upgrade option.

The correct behavior would be for the core to be marked in red and not modified.

Vivado migration is correctly copying the core and all output products, and issuing warnings about the lack of support for the core version. 

However, it incorrectly attempts to resolve XCO parameters and issues 20+ critical warnings of the form "Could not resolve XCO parameter 'vblank_polarity' on IP instance 'my_v_cfa'"

The required files should be available, but the IP core cannot be recustomized or upgraded to the current version.

The issue regarding the generation of unwarranted critical warnings has been resolved in Vivado Design Suite 2012.3.
AR# 52757
Date 06/09/2014
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
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