AR# 52761


XAUI v10.4 - RCV_TERM_VTTRX and RXEQMIX mismatch between GTP and XAUI IP core settings


When generating the XAUI IP core, the default settings are for RCV_TERM_VTTRX_0 and RCV_TERM_VTTRX_1 to be set to TRUE. 

This contradicts the settings for XAUI in UG386 and the default settings from the GTP Wizard.

The RXEQMIX setting also defaults to 11, while the XAUI protocol settings in the GTP Transceiver Wizard select 00.

Which setting should be used?


The settings from the GTP User Guide and IP should be used.

The settings will be updated in the next release of the XAUI IP.
AR# 52761
Date 09/08/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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