AR# 5281


4.2i Foundation Project Manager - A "Template Engine" error is reported when I check implementation reports


Keywords: template engine, Project Manager, implementation reports

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
I am unable to look at the implementation reports in Foundation Project Manager when I follow these steps:

1. From Foundation Project Manager (PCM), I select the "Reports" tab.
2. I double-click on "Implementation Reports File".
3. The Xilinx Report Browser window appears with the available reports; however, if I double-click on any of the reports to view them, a windows error box appears with "Template Engine" at the top. The body of the window contains a yellow triangle with an exclamation point and an "OK" button.

(Depending upon the Foundation version, the pop-up window may contain a message regarding the error or a "Could not invoke text editor..." message.)

The Implementation Log File and other log files in the PCM report section open correctly.


This error is caused by an unknown editor being set as the default editor in Design Manager.

Open Design Manager by selecting START -> Programs -> <Xilinx Foundation Series> -> Accessories -> Design Manager.

Select File -> Preferences

Browse to find a preferred editor to place in the "Editor for viewing files:" dialog box.

(NOTE: There is also a "Text Editor" selection available in PCM under File -> Preferences -> Configuration. This selection has no effect on the "Template Engine" error.)
AR# 5281
Date 08/12/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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