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7 Series GTX GTH Production Silicon - Correct setup when OOB is not used



  • Aurora channel with Production silicon is stuck with CHANNEL_UP = '0'. It was working fine with GES silicon.
  • It seems that the RXBUFFER is always in reset, RXDATAis stuck, and RXRECCLK (RXOUTCLK) is correctly toggling.
  • RXBYTEISALIGNED is not asserted as expected, but the datais good.
  • The channel was working properly with GES silicon.


In Production silicon, PCS_RSVD_ATTR[8]=1 enables the electrical idle detect circuit. In GES and previous silicon, the idle detect circuit is always enabled. For all silicon, if RXBUF_RESET_ON_EIDLE = TRUE, an internal automatic RX Buffer Reset is applied when the Electrical Idle condition is detected.

For all protocols not using OOB or Electrical Idle detection, please set the following parameters:

To power down OOB signal detector:

  • PCS_RSVD_ATTR[8] = '0'

When OOB is powered down, downstream circuits must ignore OOB detector output:

  • RXELECIDLEMODE[1:0] = "11"

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AR# 52844
Date 01/10/2013
Status Active
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