AR# 52977


Licensing - "Warning: [Vivado 15-2] No 'Implementation' license found" when using a device locked license


I have a Device locked license (e.g. device-locked to Kintex-7 XC7K325T) that I received with a voucher and a Targeted Device Platform (TDP) kit. It is my understanding that this license will allow me to implement designs for the specified device without needing a full Vivado license for Implementation and Synthesis. However, I am getting a warning in Vivado when I am trying to synthesize and implement the design, and the warning is stating that "there is no implementation license found."

Is this correct/expected behavior? Do I need another license for synthesis and implementation?


As this is a device locked license, the no 'Implementation' license message is correct and expected. As it is a "warning" message, Vivado tool will proceed to check for a Device locked license. If the correct device locked license is found, Vivado tool will issue a message similar to the following and the synthesis or implementation will continue without a licensing error.

INFO: [Common 17-347] Attempting to get a license for feature Implementation and /or device xc7k325t

INFO: [Common 17-349] Got license for feature Implementation and /or device xc7k325t

As the device locked license contains the following component of the PACKAGE, e.g. XC7K325T, this will allow you to successfully synthesize and implement your design and you can safely ignore this warning.

AR# 52977
Date 02/13/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
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