AR# 52979


Vivado - XPS reports that System.xmp "does not exist" when opened from Vivado


When attempting to open XPS by double-clicking the system.xmp file in the Vivado Integrated Design Environment, a pop-up dialog message appears:

<partial path>\<project_name>\<Project_name>.srcs\sources_1\edk\system.xmp
does not exist.


[Edk 24-160] BXML file generation failed for source 'system'. Please see console for any errors/warnings that may be reported.


This will happen if the Vivado project directory path contains a space (for example "New Folder"). 

Vivado allows spaces in project and directory paths, but XPS does not support spaces. 

Vivado does not correctly catch the use of spaces when an XPS source is added to a project and fails to prevent the integration issue.

The following error is listed in the Tcl console, but might not be noticed:

ERROR:EDK - Path with spaces is not supported in XPS. Please choose a path with no spaces.

Vivado projects containing XPS sources should be moved to a directory with no spaces.
AR# 52979
Date 05/12/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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