AR# 53011


2014.1 Vivado - Performance of the "Log" tab in the "Properties" window is slow in comparison with the main "Log" window.


I am running a design in the Vivado tool and the performance (command output speed) of the "Log" tab in the "Synthesis/Implementation Run Properties" sub-window does not match with the Main "Log" window. 

There is a delay with the information loaded in this sub-window relative to the main window. 

Also, sometimes when a task is running and new lines of information are loaded, the content of the sub-window goes back to the beginning of the file.

Should this sub-window work the same as the main window?


This is an issue with the interface in Vivado Design Suite.

The performance of this sub-window when the "Log" tab is selected should be the same as that of the main window.

The scrolling issue happens when a new run of a project is executed.

If a Synthesis/Implemented design is opened and the process is re-run, the problem with the scrolling of information in the sub-window "Log" tab does not reproduce and new information is presented with each new line.

This issue is fixed in Vivado 2014.2.

AR# 53011
Date 06/20/2014
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
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