AR# 5308


F1.5/F1.5i/F2.1i Foundation Express: Information about "Abort" errors (1709, 1704, 1564, 67, etc.)


Keywords: Foundation, Express, FPGA, abort, Synopsys, internal

Urgency: Hot

General Description:
Occasionally, when using Foundation Express, users may encounter "Abort at ##"
errors, where ## represents an error code number from Synopsys.
No extended help is given.


If these errors occur within Foundation Project Manager, it is often possible to gather
more information by running the standalone FPGA Express.

Open the existing FPGA Express project. To quickly open the FPGA Express project,
use your Windows Explorer to browse to your Foundation project directory. Within
that directory, descend into the directory of the same name and double click on the
.EXP file.


Re-synthesize the design in standalone FPGA Express to see what error you receive.
If the error does not lead you to a solution for the problem, or if no solution exists for
the resulting error in Express, please contact the Xilinx Hotline for a possible solution.
This may involve sending design files (or a testcase) to Xilinx and/or Synopsys
for investigation.

Many times the issue stems from an illegal or unexpected HDL coding construct.
See (Xilinx Solution 5972) for more potential solutions or workarounds for unexpected
FPGA Express errors.
AR# 5308
Date 03/07/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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