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Virtex-7 VC7203 Transceiver Characterization Kit - 14.3/2012.3 ChipScope IBERT Console error


For the VC7203, when I generate my own IBERT designs as described in Creating the GTX IBERT Core sections of UG846 - VC7203IBERT Getting Started Guide(ISE Design Suite14.3)and UG847 - VC7203 IBERT Getting Started Guide (Vivado Design Suite 2012.3), I see a File Error when opening the IBERT Console in ChipScope tool (as in Figure 1-14 of UG846 and Figure 1-16 of UG847):


Why do I see this error?


This error can be safely ignored.

This error is due to problems with the ChipScope project file (.cpj) that gets generated through the 14.3/2012.3 Board Configuration Settings (BCS) flow (see UG846 Figure 1-19 or UG847 Figure 1-25).

In addition, this issue has been fixed in all of the pre-built 14.3/2012.3 VC7203 IBERT designs, so users downloading these designs from the product page will not observe this error.

This issue will be fixed in 14.4/2012.4.

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