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Vivado Implementation - How do you add an output port for debug purposes after implementation?


Is it possible to add a Debug port in Vivado post implementation, similar to adding a probe in the ISE FPGA Editor without modifying the design?

If so, how can this be done in Vivado?


Yes, this is also possible with Vivado.

Using the Vivado ECO flow, it is very easy to make any internal signal external by connecting it to any free device pin.

Steps to follow:

  1. Open the routed Design Checkpoint DCP ("implemented design").
  2. Click “create port” in the ECO navigator.
  3. Select the net in the netlist (netlist window or schematic) that you want to debug and bring out of the device.
  4. While holding Ctrl: select the port you created.
  5. Click “connect net” in the ECO navigator.

Note that the ECO edits are only available when opening DCPs, and cannot be made within a project using the "Open Implemented Design" button.

A Vivado project will have DCPs available under the <project>.runs/impl_1/<project>_<step>.dcp path.

AR# 53266
Date 10/12/2020
Status Active
Type General Article
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