AR# 53297


13.4 PlanAhead - Adding Existing IPs into a project, always copies the IP core into the current working directory


In PlanAhead tool, I use the Project Manager Add Sources button and select Add Existing IP. I select the desired xco files to add. When the task is completed, various files are copied into the project, under the <project>.srcs\sources_1\ip directory.

Is there a way to use the IP cores in the original location without copying the files to a new location?


In PlanAhead tool 14.1 and later, this can be done by unchecking the Copy Sources into Project option while adding the IPs to the project. If you uncheck this option the files will not be copied into the current working directory.

Please uncheck the Copy Sources into Project option while adding the IP/files to the project, as shown below:


This option is not available in PlanAhead tool 13.4 and earlier.

Note: If you opt to Copy Sources into the Projectwhile creating a project, you will see the<project>.srcs folder in the current working directory as shown below:


Otherwise, with the Copy Sources into Project unchecked while adding HDL files andIPs to the project, the <project>.srcs folder will not get created.

AR# 53297
Date 12/10/2012
Status Archive
Type General Article
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