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Licensing - What methods can I use to debug a Floating License setup?


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General Description:

What methods can I use to debug a Floating License setup?


Possible Server Problems:

Is the xilinxd up and running?

To check this, open a command window and type "lmutil lmstat." If the xilinxd is up, it will report "xilinxd: UP".

If the xilinxd is not up, it will report something similar to, "xilinxd: Cannot connect to license server..."

For more information on "lmutil lmstat," please see:

If the xilinxd is up, jump down to "Client Problems."

You might also open a command window and type "lmutil lmdiag." This will confirm that the environment variables are set correctly and that the license is available to be checked out.

Check the license file:

Have you obtained a full license? New users should register their software and obtain full licenses from Xilinx Customer Service by calling 1-800-624-4782. If you have already registered, you can obtain a license via the Xilinx Web site at:

Have you used a valid HOST-ID?

The following are valid HOST-IDs:

- C drive serial number (Must be C)

- IP address

- The value returned from "lmutil lmhostid"


Do you have the correct type of license?

A floating license should contain a SERVER or DAEMON line. If these are not present, you need a new license.

Have you filled in the server name on the license file?

License files are mailed with a "." where the server-name should be:

SERVER . 00A0C91412DB 2200

should become

SERVER elmo 00A0C91412DB 2200

If the name of the server is unknown, or Lmgrd claims that the server name is incorrect, try using the IP address. You can find a server name by following the directions at:

Is the port in use?

The port number is the last number on the SERVER line. It can be changed if needed.

Is the path to the xilinxd correct?

License files are mailed with the following incomplete path:

DAEMON xilinxd /usr/xilinx/bin/<PLATFORM>/xilinxd

Modify the path to find the xilinxd (xilinxd.exe).

PC example:

DAEMON xilinxd c:\xilinx\bin\nt\xilinxd.exe

UNIX example:

DAEMON xilinxd /usr/xilinx/sol/bin/xilinxd

Are there any syntax errors in the license?

To verify that there are no syntax errors in the license file, run a checksum (lmutil lmcksum). For information on how to do this, please see:

These checksums should match those included at the bottom of the license file.

Other things to check:

- Reboot. (All PCs)

- Make sure the license file does not have a ".txt" extension (i.e., "license.dat.txt").

- Sometimes the license must reside on the "C" drive; change it from




- Sometimes simply changing the location of the license file will enable FLEXlm to find it. Change it from




- Do not keep your license on a network; rather, keep it on the license server.

- Make sure the package lines are up to date. The package lines for FPGA Express changed from versions F1.4 to F1.5 (F1.5i) to F2.1i. Please see (Xilinx Answer 4771) for more information.

- Try getting a new license that uses a different source for the HOST-ID. If the License file checks out, it might be a software problem.

- Reinstall the FLEXlm software on the server. For information on doing this, please see (Xilinx Answer 5332).

For more information, see the FLEXlm End User Manual at:

If you still cannot get the license server (xilinxd) up, please open a WebCase at:

Possible Client Problems:

Is the LM_LICENSE_FILE system variable correct?

It should look similar to the following:


Have you rebooted? (PC)

Rebooting should be tried, even on Windows NT.

Is TCP/IP installed and working?

TCP/IP must be installed and working correctly.

Can the client and server communicate?

Try to ping the server from the client:

C:\>ping elmo

Try to telnet to the server from the client.

C:\>telnet elmo

For slow networks or other network problems, seek help from your network administrator. If the network works successfully and the client is set up correctly, try re-installing the software.

For more information, see the FLEXlm End User Manual at:

For help with IP licensing please see:

If you still cannot check out a license, please open at WebCase at:

Other issues to check:

- Ensure that only alphanumeric characters are used in the path to the license file. For example, the "@" character has been seen to cause problems.

- Ensure that your system date setting is correct. If the system date is earlier than the date in the license file (when the license was generated), the checkout process will likely fail.
AR# 5333
Date 05/07/2012
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