AR# 5348


Mentor: How to bring up the the pld_* help menu Mentor PDF docs that are installed.


General Description: 


I have installed the acrobat documents for the Mentor documentation, but 

when I goto the Help pulldown menus, I don't get these docs. How do I 

get the acrobat documents to open through the pld_* programs' help 



In order to view these documents you must have Acrobat Exchange installed. 

Once this is done set the following variables: 


setenv MGC_HELP_VIEWER acroexch 

set path=(/path_to_acrobat_exch/bin $path) 


(i.e. set path=(/products/idea.C2/acrobat_exch/bin $path) 


Now when you are in any pld_* program such as pld_dmgr, when you goto the  

Help menu pulldown items Acrobat Exchange will startup and pull up the 

selected docs.

AR# 5348
Date 05/14/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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